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Our API is not yet finished. However, you can utilise our badge API for the time being.


We're hoping to release an API which can help you keep your hotel up to date, or even better - assist you in automating your hotel. For now, we're offering a simple badge API, however in the future we hope to add support to push to your own webhooks etc.

Badge API

Our badge API allows you to quickly view all latest badges added to all 9 hotels.


The follow request parameters are available:

Example: https://www.habboassets.com/api/v1/badges?term=staff&hotel=com&limit=50&order=asc&offset=10

Name Usage
term Allows you to search via name.
hotel You may specify a hotel to fetch badges from (default is all).
options: 'com', 'com.br', 'com.tr', 'it', 'nl', 'es', 'fi', 'de', 'fr' or 'all'.
limit Default limit is 100, you may request 2,000 at the most.
offset You can specify an offset, useful for pagination.
order By default the newest badges are shown (desc) you may use 'desc' or 'asc'.