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Resource Total
Badges 20,492
Badge Descriptions 20,492
Furniture 14,784
Texts 40,785
Variables 6,824
Catalog Icons 315
SWF Releases 550
Images 1,471
Sounds 737


These times are subject to change in the future.

Job Interval
Update Resources
(updating our texts, variables & furnidata)
Every 5 minutes
Update Hotel Versions Every 5 minutes
Import External Texts Every 10 minutes
Import External Variables Every 10 minutes
Download Badges Every 15 minutes
Update Badge Descriptions
(auto after badge download job)
Every 15 minutes
Import Furniture Every 60 minutes
Download Furniture
(auto after import furniture job)
Every 60 minutes
Download Catalog Icons Every 15 minutes
Check for Gordon Releases Every 30 minutes
Check for new images Every 15 minutes